Anker Armband Jloveys IP black matt

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material anchor: Stainless steel

  • material cord: genuine leather

  • colour:black

  • size:several size available 

  • If there is one material in the fashion scene that never goes out of vogue, it is undoubtedly leather. We bring to you the perfect leather accessory to accompany any outfit you decide to wear and complement it to no end.


    Meticulously crafted from only the finest materials in Bavaria, Germany, this handmade bracelet boasts a stainless steel 316L interior that provides shape and sturdiness, covered with leather of only the highest quality, and finished with matte black plating to give it a steely and strong characteristic.


    Inspired by the deep dark oceans and the raging storms that inhabit above the wild, murky waters, this leather bracelet is perfect for those with a love for the vast expanse of sea. As a homage, the buckle of the bracelet is shaped in the form of an anchor.


    Ideally suited for both men and women, this bracelet is the perfect accessory for all and any, allowing you to pull off a simple, laid back look but with top notch style!